First Word (up to 9 letters): $8.00 (hats) | $10.00 (other)
Each Additional Word: $4.00 (hats) | $5.00 (other)
Initials / 3 Letters: $8.00 (hats) | $10.00 (other)
School Bags: $12.00
Luggage, Rolling Bag, Nap Mats:  $15.00 and up

Logos or Custom Designs

  • Set up fee (one time only) - $20.00 and up
  • Embroidery (by stitch amount) - $10.00 and up

We accept outside items for embroidery and bulk orders qualify for 10%-40% discount.

*Additional charges may apply to extra large lettering (per request); also difficult items to embroider such as leather, straw, quilted, and insulated materials.

We embroider T-Shirts, Jackets, Hats, Beanies, Bandanas, Scarves, Aprons, Towels, Robes, Thin Leather T-Shirts, Oxford Shirts, Jeans, Shorts, Socks, Baby Items, Blankets, Bibs, Bloomers, Dresses, Nap Mats, Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Tote Bags, Duffel Bags, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Blankets more...